June, 2010 Newsletter

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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about the Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Parque Condor's Raptor Rehabilitation, and Escuela Taller in Quito.

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Latest Articles:

Tiputini Biodiversity Station

The Tiputini Biodiversity Station is located near the city of Quito and is an attraction that the entire family can enjoy. Due to its close proximity to the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, the Tiputini Biodiversity Station offers vi...

Parque Condor's Raptor Rehabilitation

Situated near the city of Otavalo is a park that is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the birds of prey in Ecuador. Parque Condor rescues injured birds of prey and works towards rehabilitating them, trying to en....

Escuela Taller in Quito

Located in the Old Town district of Quito, in Ecuador, is a school that is dedicated to the education of under privileged children, assisting street children to create a future. This project was inaugurated in the year 1992 an...

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