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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Quintoloma, Itapoa Reserve, and Yanacocha.

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Latest Articles:

Quintoloma - Incan Empire Fortresses

The history of the Incan Empire has long intrigued historians and archeologists, with fascinating aspects of their rise and fall still being discovered today. The latest discovery has been a series of Incan fortresses along an...

Itapoa Reserve: Protecting the Rainforest

Itapoa Reserve was founded by Raul Nieto, and has been working vigorously to educate the public on the dangers of deforestation since 1989. Giving lectures all over the world, the Itapoa Reserve acts as a visual aid as to why ...

Yanacocha - A Haven for Rare Birdlife

The beauty and biodiversity of Ecuador is recognized and appreciated by nature-loving travelers from around the world, and eco-tourism is becoming an increasingly popular choice in this fascinating Central American country. Lo...

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