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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Daphne Island, Chirije, and Real Alto.

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Famous Finches of Daphne Island

Consisting solely of tuff volcanic craters, and almost completely barren, Daphne Island is located north of Santa Cruz and west of Baltra Island in the Galapagos archipelago. The island rises to a height of around 120 meters ...

Chirije – Eco-Friendly Historical Destination

Located on the Ecuadorian coastline, with miles of pristine beaches and surrounded by 238 hectares of dry tropical forest, Chirije has a history stretching back to pre-Columbian times and is a treasure trove of archeological a...

The Archeological Site of Real Alto

Situated in the Chanduy Valley of the Guayas Province in Ecuador, Real Alto is a fascinating archeological site that sheds light on the Valdivia culture. The site was identified by Jorge Marcos, an archeologist, in 1971 and ha...

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